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About Forcett Fine Foods

We were initially established as Sea Eagle Seafoods in 2005, and are a dedicated producer of a range of fine hand-crafted quality artisan food products using the natural resources of the Lakes and the Sea.

We create a range of Smoked, Pickled and Pate products using traditional European methods, fueled by both passion and experience to position ourselves as a leading producer of some of the world’s finest foods.

We strive to source and obtain first-class seafood & fresh fish from the wilderness frontiers of Tasmania’s oceans and lakes.  With a large range, our hand chosen and crafted food is flavoursome and elevates the everyday. We locally source our premium produce from sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses.

Our hot smoked products are traditionally cured in our custom built smoker using Premium Tasmanian Oak Shavings sourced from the mountainous areas of Tasmania.  Smoking adds a unique flavour and taste to the fish and has been practiced by humans throughout history. We take great pride in this process, carefully monitoring from start to finish.


About the Finlaysons

The Finlayson Family has a long-standing history in the fishing industry since 1964 with the establishment of Tasmanian Eel Exports through three generations. The business harvests and exports premium live and processed eel products both Nationally and Internationally. Commercial harvesting operations are carried out in Tasmania’s freshwater lakes and rivers where Tasmania has an abundance of the natural resource. Value adding of the eel has seen the creation of a range of smoked, pickled and pate products, catering for the Australian and European market.

Recently the family were presented with an opportunity to purchase Sea Eagle Seafoods. This was a perfect commercial operation to compliment the value added eel products and expand.  Our recent acquisition of Sea Eagle Food allows the family to continue providing good food and value to our customers.

The family are actively involved in running the business on a day to day by standing by our core values:

  •  Partnerships and connections within our community
  •  Humbleness and willpower
  •  Flavoursome food that elevates the everyday  
  •  Hand chosen and crafted food
  •  Quality and value drive everything that we do
  •  Credible personal service and committed reliability


There is a sense of family unity and a robust belief in what we do. We look forward to growing our business, whilst providing you with outstanding local Tasmanian products.


Your questions answered

Our fish is sourced from environmentally sustainable farmers or fisherman.

  •   Our Salmon is sustainably sourced from an RSPCA approved source
  •   Our eel is sustainably sourced from the snow feed lakes of Tasmania
  •   Our seafood is sourced from the seas of Tasmania where we have the world’s cleanest air and finest seafood.

Our strength lies within our carefully hand crafted artisan made products that are prepared in Tasmania from 95% locally sourced ingredients. We endeavour to reach 100% by sourcing local herbs and spices.


To guarantee that we maintain the strictest food hygiene handling activities we work within the Food Standards of Australia guidelines through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Point system (HACCP). This ensures that we deliver upon safe products for human consumption.